Dr. Michael Omidi looks to see the effects of a new device to help people suffering with diabetes.

According to a recent article in Investorplace.com, Tandem Diabetes Care has filed for an initial public offering (IPO) for a contraption to help people with diabetes. Tandem Diabetes Care develops technology that is an insulin device to treat diabetes.

Under writers for the product include Bank of America and Piper Jaffray.

The product, known as t:slim,  has smartphone technology and also resembles the appearance of a smart phone. The device is a small pumping mechanism that intakes insulin from a bag that is stretchy inside the cartridge, instead of using a syringe and plunger mechanism.

According to their IPO filing printed in Xconomy.com, Tandem Diabetes created the t:slim for a market that comprises of six-million people that are dependent on insulin in the U.S.

T:slim, like a smartphone, has high resolution and includes a color touchscreen that diabetics could fit into their pocket, according to Investorplace.com. The contraption made the software convenient and also implemented a web-based application of data management in which diabetics could figure out more efficiently how much insulin intake they should receive, according to Xconomy.com.

“We designed our flagship product, t:slim, to have the look and feel of a modern consumer electronic device, such as a smartphone,” Tandem said of the device, printed in the San Diego Union-Times October 9th.

“Relying on significant consumer input and feedback during the development process, we believe t:slim’s aesthetically pleasing, modern design addresses the embarrassing appearance-related concerns of insulin pump users. “

With the expansion of the market for insulin pumps, Tandem seeks to raise their appearance and practical benefits by marketing t:slim against direct injection with insulin, according to the foresaid prospectus.

Tandem ensures the dependability of t:slim, whereas many diabetics worry of the improper dosage being applied with the syringe.

By Michael Omidi


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