While there is a great deal of news surrounding childhood obesity, not much attention is provided to the efforts to combat it. Dr. Michael Omidi highlights organizations that are partnering in the fight against childhood obesity.

My non-profit organization Children’s Obesity Fund is working to reduce the number of children suffering from obesity, but there are so many other organizations and individuals involved in the fight across the United States. In order to highlight the work that these people are doing in their community, this article is dedicated to some of the events and projects they are partaking in.

Cycle-A-Thon in Bakersfield

Cyclists in Bakersfield, CA are working to spread awareness regarding childhood obesity by participating in the Race Across the West event. The event spans over 860 continuous miles from Oceanside, California to Durango, Colorado and the four person team will be racing not only to raise awareness of the obesity epidemic but also for veteran suicide.

Activate Hawaiian Gardens

The city of Hawaiian Gardens in Los Angeles County is launching a program to help combat obesity amongst its elementary school students. The Activate Hawaiian Gardens program will focus on providing hour-long sessions once a week to students an parents on proper behavioral issues that are aimed at improving nutrition and diet.

Farm to School Programs

FoodCorps, a national nonprofit that is part of AmeriCorps, is working to fight childhood obesity by providing “motivated leaders in limited-resources for a year of public service.” These leaders will help to build and tend gardens at schools, bring nutritious food from local farms to cafeterias, and provide education regarding nutrition and diet. So far this mission is currently being carried out in 12 states and hopes to reach an additional three states (including California) within the next year.

Spreading awareness about the issue will help in combating childhood obesity, but interaction, such as that listed above, will go far in changing the direction of obesity in the United States.

By Dr. Michael Omidi

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